retail properties

  • creating functional and utilisation concepts for existing shopping centers and commercial buildings
  • design and planning services for buildings and interior design
  • interior design for shopping center
  • branding / story book
  • development of functional and design concepts for food courts and market halls
  • creating of principals for management and operation of shopping centers
  • development of variations for tenant areas
  • creating contract plans
  • documentaion
  • building applications for new buildings and conversions in existing buildings as well as management of the approval process
  • creating the tenant fitout design according to the tenant's requirements of interior design 
  • tenant management to ensure tenant's compliance with the design specifications 
  • tenant management to ensure the timely opening



  • work phases 1 to 9 §34 HOAI


office buildings

  • work phases 1 to 9 §34 HOAI
  • tenant fitout planning


industrial construction

  • work phases 1 to 9 §34 HOAI
  • project steering
  • client representation


project steering

  • client representation towards third parties
  • project management for tenant area expansion
  • tenant management to ensure the timely opening of major projects for retail and office space


general planning

  • coordination of the general planning team