Ingo Matz

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ingo Matz has specialized from the beginning of its activity on project steering and project management of industrial buildings and retail properties in the work phases 8 and 9 for new buildings and restructuring.

Particularly the implementation of the holistic management of tenants from pre-contractual tenant support for interface and cost clarification, as a basis for leases of retail space, to the tenant support during construction of retail properties determine a substantial portion of his professional experience.

An experience resulting of more than 5000 guided coordination meetings with tenants, architects and engineers.


Lutz Rathgen

Member of the Hamburg Chamber of Architects, lists no. 5726

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Lutz Rathgen has for many years worked in management positions in various architectural offices in Hamburg and there acquired extensive experience in project planning, among others, for office buildings, housing projects and shopping centers and manages projects in the function of the general designer and collaborates with international architects.
In addition to traditional architectural services today the client representation and planning coordination, also in international project teams, are an essential part of his range of tasks.


Gisela Simon

Member of the Hamburg Chamber of Architects, lists no. 6190

Dipl.- Des. (FH) Gisela Simon has specialized as part of her activities as an architect in the design of shopping centers. Both functional aspects as well as the needs of users and customers are the basis of her functional and design concepts for new buildings and revitalization.
Active clarification of planning and building rights is as much her expertise as her experience in the construction processes of more than 30 shopping centers. [Nbsp] [nbsp]
The long-standing cooperation with center operators and landlords enable her to implement the requirements of the current center operation as well as integrating the necessary requirements for the rental of retail space in her plannings.